Capital Operating Partners is a strategy firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We serve clients across Eastern Africa and understand what it takes to make it in Africa going beyond recommendations to drive real value for our clients. Our focus on Africa ensures that we are in touch with the changing trends of the continent. We are responsive to everyday concerns of our clients and have a proven record of driving high quality work achieving high organization performance and corresponding high social impact. We support governments and private sector institutions develop and implement their strategies.

To support governments and private sector successfully develop and implement their strategies to unlock the potential of Africa

“Our desire is to foster growth. We desire to leave a long lasting impact in every organization that contracts us. This is by seeing opportunities in challenges and navigating these with our clients to ensure that the solutions provided are responsive and realistic. We help our clients implement the solutions we recommend as a guarantee and measure of our confidence in the solutions we offer.”

“We are bold, driven and honest with our clients. Our firm prides itself in being transparent – we boldly let our clients know the real problems they are facing based on data and insight from our team, and thereafter offer solutions to solve the real challenges. We are not afraid to tell the truth.
We approach issues head on and walk clients through the solutions necessary to ensure the successful delivery and growth. We bring the right people to our clients to challenge assumptions and disrupt the status quo. In the rapidly changing world, we work with our clients to ask why things are done the way they are done. Moreover, we ask the hard questions to allow our clients to grow and stay ahead of the curve. We encourage and bring new thinking that positively transforms our clients to drive and support viable impact.”

We are a bold, professional, Africa focused, responsive, growth and impact driven firm that provides honest advisory to our clients

Our work is primarily focused on supporting the Africa growth story. We see vast opportunities in the continent and are at the forefront working with businesses, governments and multiple partners in ensuring that the Africa growth story trickles down to the citizens. Our research indicates vast growth opportunities across various industry and functional verticals. By some reckoning, Africa is about to become the world’s fastest-urbanising region. We have identified infrastructure development as a critical input to support this future. We believe that by supporting governments and private sector in Africa resolve the infrastructure value chain and get projects out, the continent would open up previously unexplored potential across multiple sectors increasing employment opportunities, raising basic income and delivering impact that people can experience.